is to promote local artists, to expand cultural horizons, broaden education and enrich the community through the appreciation and participation in the visual arts.


The CHAIRity Auction

The CHAIRity Auction was a fun night where chairs and side tables, painted by our members, were auctioned off. Some of the chairs were copies of the old masters, and others came from the imagination of the local artists. Framed artworks made by our artists were also included in the auction. The proceeds went to the association to help us fulfill our mission.

The Rain Barrel Auction

The Rain Barrel Auction was planned during the end of the five year drought. The WFAA purchased rain collection barrels and some of our members painted them with different themes. One had a mermaid on it, another had chickens, and one had surfers on it. Members of the association also donated some original art for the auction too, which took place after a delicious dinner. The association used the funds raised to carry out the mission of the WFAA.

Rain Barrel

The Art Bike Project

The Art Bike Project was a collaboration of the Wichita Falls Art Association, the Alliance for Arts and Culture, and Sikes Senter Mall. Our members painted and decorated bikes of all ages with some doing collages or adding elements. One of the pieces was a robot built from bike parts, one was transformed into an elephant, and one had a tile garden underneath it. The idea was to have an art presence at the Hotter N’ Hell Hundred Bike Run. This is a nationally known bike run, and the bikes were displayed for riders and guests to view. This event turned into a community event with other nonprofits contributing decorated bicycles and the public joined in too with their versions of Art Bikes.

Hotter N Hell